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Home Sweet Home

Granny has swapped the confines of her hospital prison, where the torture caused by the incessant wailing of her neighbour should be adopted by the Americans at Guantanamo Bay in order to extract the terror agenda. She is now in a nursing home, with her own room. Is she happy?  Is she heck……

Sulking worthy of a three year old is resulting in her eating hardly anything. Mother thinks that the aim is to eventually evaporate into the ether. 

Today an SOS has gone out from the staff to say that Granny ‘urgently needs trousers’. Mother says that she ‘urgently’ needs to win the Lottery, but she’s sure that she’ll live if this doesn’t happen. Just like Granny will survive if she has to wear a skirt. 

Unless the cure for all of Granny’s ailments can be found in a pair of jogging bottoms. What a miracle that would be………

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