Thoughts of Chairman Meow

Shredded Wheat??

There has been a strange noise emanating from the back bedroom. Rather like an intermittent, demented bee. Yes, Mother has been shredding…..

I thought she’d finished with this lark when she retired and all traces of past employment with the NHS went the way of the blades. Apart from the very important pension documents of course. You have to save the evidence of pounds and pence. 

She had to stop when the shredder blew its gasket. Just how much unnecessary paperwork did we have in this house?? 

On another topic. On the news just, Andy Donald, from Cannock and Staffordshire Clinical Commisioning Groups has been talking about the demise of the Staffordshire Cancer Care Contract. They wanted this agreement to include the diagnosis of more cases of cancer (amongst other things) and the bidders have told them to stuff off.  

Now I may be just a cat, but isn’t that reliant upon how many cases of cancer there actually are?  Or are hospitals expected to go round making stuff up just to fulfil a target?………

Now that never happens does it?……


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