Thoughts of Chairman Meow

Sad kitty

This week has been a bit traumatic as Granny, who went in hospital unable to walk because of a bad back, has now been diagnosed with end stage heart failure. She s now on the fast track end of life pathway (although ‘pathway’ is a bit of a dirty word since the Liverpool Care Pathway debacle). 

Mother has known this for a few days, but it wasn’t until today that the very lovely doctor broached the subject with Granny,  who is quite philosophical about it. She spent the beginning of this afternoon’s visit telling Mother where she might find the hidden stash of cash throughout the house. Mother can’t help but wonder if, when all the money has been accounted for, Granny’s king size bed might suddenly become a futon……

Granny hasn’t eaten much over the past few days, but when she does, she is still able to raise a titter. Last evening, she said she’d had soup. ‘What sort?’ asked Mother. ‘Mushroom’ announced Granny. ‘You don’t like mushroom soup’ said Mother. ‘I do now’ replied Granny. 

Well I suppose when your life drawing to its close,  you have to grab every new experience where you can get it…..


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