Thoughts of Chairman Meow

Battery powered

Yesterday, Mother rattled off an email to the elves at OVO to ask them to provide the passcode for the energy monitoring device. This was sent in her usual flippant style announcing the fact that the engineer forgot to put the batteries in. 

Imagine her dismay, then, when a return email suggested that if she didn’t know which batteries she needed, she could  take the device to a battery shop where, if she was very lucky, they would also put the batteries in for her. 

How old or thick or incapable do they think she is?  She is perfectly capable of telling your AA from your AAA batteries. She says that she is a woman of higher than average intelligence (!!!?). Nine of her fingers actually work (one is buggered after an accident and isn’t much use). She has already managed to insert some batteries she found in our Ever Ready drawer. She just needs a passcode. 

If OVO had been billed for the amount of energy she has already expended on this problem, they would owe us at least 20 quid. 

Good news is we have a plan to reset the bugger. And we’ll use it for at least a week before we get fed up and switch the thing off

Ain’t technology grand………


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