Thoughts of Chairman Meow

Make do and mend

Day 2 in the land of the one mirrored vehicle, and the time has come to cobble up something to allow Mother to view what’s behind her without madly revolving her head like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. It’s just like Blue Peter round ‘ere, except swap Sticky Backed Plastic for duct tape, and the finished result definitely won’t look like Tracy Island. 

Uncle Andy has managed to rebuild the mirror casing like a 3 D jigsaw but the mirror itself is so knackered that it’s no use at all. Luckily, Halfords sell stick on mirrors, and normal service has been resumed. We now need to chase the insurers to get the thing properly repaired

In another area of the city, Granny has found herself fed into the giant clonking tube also known as an MRI scanner. She was eventually escorted by the Grandson. Mother is still a teeny bit miffed by the comment ‘there’s always a lot of visitors here, one of you should be able to go with her.  We’ve got no staff’ made by a senior staff nurse who really should know better than to rile a retired nurse who can eat little oiks for breakfast. Besides, there are only 4 of us, which means that the OED really should amend its definition of a crowd………..


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