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Happy New Year

Well, I’ve decided to start 2017 as I mean to go on and devote more time to the writing of my blog. 

I have now been living with Mother for 5 whole months and we are getting quite comfortable together.  My fetish for sponges, feathers and balaclavas continues apace and causes Mother much amusement when I try to get back through the cat flap whilst carrying something which is bigger than my head. At least we now have a cat flap which was a luxury not afforded to my predecessor. 

I have also discovered that I can break into other people’s house and eat the remnants of other cats’ food. Since I have been rumbled, this food keeps disappearing from view so I have taken to hiding under the bed and scaring the living shite out of those who have thwarted me. 

I am also something of a lap cat which isn’t a problem until I forget to retract my claws whilst parading over the nether regions of some of my male subjects. Oops……

Anyway, wishing all my friends a Happy New Year. Please stay tuned for more of my adventures, together with a smattering of Mother’s many gripes, whinges and complaints…….xx


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