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Escape Artist

Mum is thinking of changing my name to Houdini. This is since she caught me dangling off the back door handle. Fortunately the door was locked or I’d have been off. 

I have had three trips outside today. I met a bulldog thing which scared me to death but Mum was there to save me. My hero…..

Uncle Alex has been round to go through some of the scenarios for his practical exam. In reality I don’t think he’ll be expected to do this with a cat hanging off his arm but you never know. 

Unless he wants to be a vet……

Two Bob

Mum reckons that I have the potential to be a double for Street Cat Bob. I have just walked round the park on my harness, and she is really pleased with me. 

Next stop Tesco.  I bags pushing the trolley…….

Great outdoors

Mum must think I’m a dog. For the past few days, she has been putting me a harness and lead on and letting me go outside on the yard.  Today, after saying the magic word (and shifting the bin) the gate was flung open and I ventured into the great unknown. 

It was quite fun to investigate where I live except for the strange looks we got from people who were walking dogs and playing footie in the park. And, just as I was sniffing at something interesting, Mum yanked me off the floor and back into the safety of the house. She wouldn’t be doing that if I was a St Bernard…….

She says that all she has got to do now is to train me how to use the lav. Unless that involves my head almost disappearing round the U bend when I almost accidentally fell off the toilet seat it would appear we have a long way to go with that one…….

Into the woods

Because it was the type of stuff I was used to at the shelter, Mum is continuing to use the wood type litter. 

She says that she thinks it’s ok, except for the fact that the bathroom smells like a failed attempt to build a Billy bookcase. 

Wot’s one of them?………

New boy

Hello, Sid here

You will all be familiar with my predecessor Archie, who started this blog but has sadly left us. Which meant that I got a new home. Silver linings and all that. 

I am settling in nicely. I like to hide under the bath (which annoys Mum no end.  The first time I did it she thought I’d escaped down the plug hole). I hide under the table. I can use my litter tray for something other than just tipping it up.  And my favourite thing ever – I hide under the duvet, burrow into the middle of the bed and pretend I’m invisible.  

I have met loads of new mates. I like sitting on knees. I have lots of new toys. I am a lucky boy. 

My vet says that I am a ‘noble replacement for Archie’. I’ll take that…..

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