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Hello from the other side

Hello everybody. You know that you couldn’t shut me up in life, therefore I feel the need to talk to you now. 

Firstly, it’s great up here. The lump in my mouth has gone, I can hear again, my arthritis has miraculously disappeared and its wall-to-wall Royal Canin food. There’s Dreamies here as well, but I still don’t like them. I’m playing with my mates Snoopy, Toby, Belle and George as well as Monty, Molly, Roly and Lily. Dogs and cats get on brill here. A lesson for the differing religions throughout the world there……

So now I’d like to thank my human friends. Thank you to Auntie Janice for taking me on my last journey and staying with me and my mum. Thanks to all mum’s Facebook friends who sent their condolences and cards and to Charlotte, Sam, Sandra and family for their lovely flowers. My vet Pat and his great team for looking after me for 14 years. Alex, Andrew, Sylvia, Jim and Sergey for just being them. And if I’ve forgotten anyone – unfortunately the memory hasn’t improved since my trip over Rainbow Bridge…….

Finally to Auntie Julia and Uncle Goober. I love you loads and loads. I loved it when you visited me, I miss our cuddles. Thanks for looking after my mum since I’ve gone.  Marby and Tiggy have wonderful human parents. 

To my mum. I loved you more than anything. I’ll still pop in to make sure that you’re ok. You won’t know I’m there though. I’ll come when you’re asleep. As great as heaven is, I couldn’t bear meeting you again just yet. I’d want to stay a bit longer and unfortunately God doesn’t do a weekly pass. Keep on knitting. And I know that you’ve found a new cat to love. I’ve left him this blog and hope he will keep up the good work……..xxxx

Bye Bye

As most of you will know by now, Archie has been diagnosed with cancer and it no longer seems appropriate to let him continue to slave away over this blog. Besides, he isn’t finding many things amusing at the moment. 

Archie has been a wonderful companion over the past 14 years and he will be spoiled rotten in the time he has left. 

He will be a hard act to follow……….

Non stop

Mother says that she has something called Restless Legs Syndrome. This, apparently, is where you go to bed and your brain wants to sleep, but your legs want to run the New York Marathon. 

She associates this with giving blood just over 10 days ago. She is ever so slightly anaemic. So out come the multivitamins and iron. In a few days she’ll be cured. 

Speaking of blood, she had a text yesterday to tell her that her contribution of the elixir of life had been issued for a patient at the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton (or Non-EAT-ton as Uncle Alex puts it). 

Changing the subject, yesterday she booked tickets to see the Red Shoes ballet in Leicester next May. For those of you who don’t know, it’s about a dancer who wears magic red pumps and then dances herself to death. 

I’d say we’d pretty much gone full circle then…….


I have been to see the vetman today regarding the hole in my gum. He thinks I have a tumour. He gave mother several options. She has decided that I should have the tooth closest to the hole removed and have the lump in my gum aspirated. Then we’ll know what we’re up against. She is still hoping that it is an infection. I don’t know the difference but think that one must be more serious than the other. 

Mother has asked about something called a prognosis. Vetman says that I may have a good few years left in me. 

So next Tuesday I go to the dentist. Will let you know how I get on. 

Off now to fetch Mother a tissue. Her face has a habit of leaking…..

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