Thoughts of Chairman Meow

Happy Ending

I’m back….. After several weeks in the blog wilderness I have returned with a vengeance to celebrate Mother’s retirement. Well, we say it’s a retirement. She’s on leave until the 30th so technically they could call her back in. I fear that there are not enough words in the swearing vocabulary which would appropriately describe her reaction. The overal gist would be ‘not on your life’.
The last few shifts did not pass without some remarkable events. The first of which being when a patient described Mother as ‘a Christian with a drink problem’. Wrong on both levels really. She has absolutely no problem when opening the wine bottle. And ‘lapsed Methodist’ describes her current religious status. Not that either are anything to do with the patient. I am just glad that the little duck didn’t think Mother was an atheist. They’d have been stoking the fires of hell in preparation for her arrival……..
The second remarkable event was Mother being accused of wrongdoing by a partner agency when she wasn’t even on duty. As far as she knows, she doesn’t sleepwalk. She has asked for a full, suitably grovelling apology written in the blood of the accuser which will be framed and put in the upstairs lav. Or an email will do. Whichever ‘s easiest……..
Will be back soon blog fans with more tales from the retirement home………..


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