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Archie is currently under anaesthetic so I have hijacked his blog. Well he nicked my Facebook page so now we’re even. 

I have just informed the NMC that I’m letting my registration lapse. This follows on swiftly from the confirmation that my pension application is proceeding full speed. In just under 2 months I will be a registered nurse no longer. I’ll be a retired one…..

On another subject. Doesn’t the stupid bloody woman on those daft Admiral insurance advert make you want to reach for a cricket bat to knock her bails  off?



Following a trip to the vetman yesterday, it would appear that I have something called hypurrthyroidism. I think that how you spell it. I also have a rather intense urine infection. I am now on pills for both. 

You can’t get much past Mother. It seems that my desire to eat everything (including the bowl) and that fact that I’m losing weight alerted her spidey-senses. She did, however, think that my desire to piddle everywhere was because I’m senile. Which I might be. But how would I really know if I can’t work it out…….

Vetman is thinking about an operation. Mother ain’t so sure. 

And I get no say in it…..

Blood Brothers

Mother has been to give blood today for the 80th time. That’s several arms full. 

The local blood centre has adopted a feral ginger cat. Somewhat imaginatively called Ginge. Apparently they’ve tried to rehome him once. But he’s got such a bad temper he was brought back. 

He sits outside trying to persuade all the donors that he hasn’t been fed. Which of course he has. Whiskas best. Not O Positive. 

No vampire kitties round here…….

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