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Jailhouse Rock

On the six o clock news. A report on Call Me Dave’s proposed prison reform. 

One advocate of reform was asked if Dave’s suggestions had done enough. He replied ‘well we should be looking at who goes to prison’. 

Well that’s an easy answer. 

People who break the bloody law……..


The heat is off

Lord Carter has announced that the NHS is spending too much on energy bills. 

Beware patients. The central heating will be on timer. One hour a day. Take your thermal vests and knickers. Have a flask of soup ready. Wrap yourself in a roll of Bacofoil.  Wear a hat. You know you lose most of your heat through your head….

And the lights will be going off as well. We are welcoming the return of the Lady with the Lamp. 

Although it would be useful if there was a genie in it. The NHS needs all the help it can get…….

What’s the point? 

Mother is watching Pointless. The question?  Name a country which has two consonants at the beginning. 

Retired nurse has just shamed the entire profession. So many countries to choose from. Swaziland?  Syria?? Rwanda???  Even bloody Switzerland would have done. 

So. What did this idiot say??  Papua New Guinea…..

Your life in his hands. If he doesn’t know what a consonant is, would you have ever trusted him to give you the right drugs??  Or even spell your name right??

And he seemed a bit miserable. Shame. No redeeming features at all then. ………

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