Thoughts of Chairman Meow

Posh Buggers

Mother has been thoughtising her opinions on amalgamated words since she found out that they are officially called ‘portmanteaus’ – which is something to do with a door and a coat in French, but which I feel is probably the definition of a chap who’s stubbed his pedal digit following too much fortified wine.

I have subtly reminderised her that this very communication is a result of the blending of two words (web + log), and that many other common words such as ‘smog’ (smoke + fog); ‘motel’ (motor + hotel) and ‘liger’ (lion + tiger) are used today. She still doesn’t like it – in fact it makes her quite ‘frumious’ (fuming + furious).

Which leads me to the fashionising of ‘jackapoos’; ‘cockapoos’ and ‘goldendoodles’. People pay a lot of money for these designer dogs.

Don’t know why. They’re only mongrels…….

Just calling a spade a spade………..




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